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"Ants 'n' Uncles"
Written and Illustrated by Clay Rice
Familius Publishing

Ants 'n' uncles, uncles 'n' ants, dancin' 'cross the world with ants in his pants. Goin' everywhere he's never been before, on his animated world tour. What happens when Uncle steps on an ant hill? The ants in his pants make him dance, of course, and his dancing skills become famous around the world. From award-winning author and silhouette artist Clay Rice comes the rhyming tale of an accidental hero. Filled with scenes from countries and cultures around the globe, this lively, silly story is sure to delight children and parents.




"The Stick"
Written and Illustrated by Clay Rice
Familius Publishing

When a rejected boy with no toys or friends finds a stick leaning against a tree, his life begins to change until he discovers the truth about giving.

" an immediate comparison to The Giving Tree comes to mind." "Intricately cut scenes of black with blazing backgrounds of oranges and purples invite close inspection and awe."-Kirkus Reviews

Striking silhouette artwork and elegant typography distinguish Rice's ode to imagination.

-Publishers Weekly



"Mama Let's Make A Moon"
Written and Illustrated by Clay Rice
Familius Publishing

Clay's new children's picture book, Mama Let's Make A Moon.

Mama let's make a moon
It won't cost too much
We'll use second hand stardust, and leftover love.
We'll stuff it with silly, and marshmallow goo,
and paint it with promise,
Mama let's make a moon!

Mama Let's Make A Moon is Clay's beautiful and heartfelt story about a little mountain family who want to make a moon. The story artfully weaves it's way through the mountains towards core family values such as love of family, Making something from nothing, and just plain having fun.

Available Spring 2013 from Familius


"The Lonely Shadow"
Written and Illustrated by Clay Rice
Familius Publishing

The story of a lonely little shadow and his search to belong.

Clay's book brings together the timeless tradition of silhouette artistry and a story of friendship in a delightful book children and parents will want to experience again and again.





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